Chrysoula K. & Púrpura
10:30 pm
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Púrpura took their name after the latin word for “purple”, a color that is the symbol of spirituality, of mystery and of the members’ nostalgia for ages when people’s differences were not a cause of division and pain…

They carry with them songs from the discography of Chrysoula Kechagioglou, the group leader, but also traditional and composers’ songs from different countries, Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Armenia, Italy…
Chrysoula K. & Púrpura wish to combine elements of tradition with classical forms in order to bring up a new sound reality, nostalgic, vivid, playful and airy…

The slightly paradoxical choice of instruments – two traditional eastern Mediterranean instruments: kanun and lute and two instruments of classical origin: flute and cello, is the means for the exploration of this new musical land that the members of the band are trying to discover. With compositions and covers influenced both by the East and the West, Chrysoula K. & Púrpura create a mozaik, continuing the endless dialog between the four cardinal points of the horizon.

Purpura members are:

Effie Zaitidou – kanun
Maria Ploumi – lute
Sofia Serefoglou – flute
Elsa Papeli – cello