SEANEFA / With broken wings they FLY

Credits & the story behind:

Cruel Sister: Traditional Irish song which belongs to the “murderballads” subgenre. The lyrics of the murderballads form a narrative describing the events of a murder, often including the lead-up and/or aftermath. The term refers to the content, and may be applied to traditional ballads, part of oral culture.

Mavro mou helidoni: traditional Greek song from Thrace which belongs to the lament category of Greek speaking culture. The main theme is Nostos, a Greek word for nostalgia.

The two songs come together binding death with loss and the endless journey of life.

Music Credits:
Mashup idea: Haris Tsalpara, Chrysoula Kechagioglou
Rearrangement: Haris Tsalpara
Voices: Chrysoula Kechagioglou, Haris Tsalpara
Mixing: Dimitris Pantos
Recorded in Syros

Video Credits:
Director, Scenario: Eleni Albarosa
DOP, Camera: Eleni Albarosa
Editing: Eleni Albarosa, Haris Tsalpara
Cast: Haris Tsalpara, Chrysoula Kehagioglou, Giannis Denaxas
Makeup: Maria Printezi
Production Assistant: Giannis Denaxas

Special Thanks to Frangiskos and his family that opened the doors of their incredible place called “Steadi”, in Syros